Brought to Bulgarian lands in the 16th-17th century, the Rose Damascena found favorable conditions for cultivation in the sub-Balkan valleys of Bulgaria, known nowadays as The Rose Valley.

Bulgarian rose oil has a reviving and regenerating effect. It is used for treating problems of different type – of digestive, endocrine, nervous and reproductive systems. It has an astringent effect on capillaries, thus reducing face redness.


Rose oil has a purifying, cleaning and antiseptic effect, which makes the oil suitable for all skin types, especially for dry and sensitive skin, at the same time slowing down skin aging processes.


Rose oil successfully cures multiple skin problems – eczema, acne, scars and allergies. It helps cells regeneration and is used for healing burns and deep wounds.



On the world market of essential oils Bulgarian rose oil is the number one rose oil in quality and demand.


There are years when the price of Bulgarian rose oil reaches the price of gold. That is why it is called "liquid gold".


Top world designers choose "Bulgarian gold" as an ingredient of their fragrances. Among them Christian Dior, Bvlgari, Chanel, Givenchy, Nina Ricci, Cavalli, Cacharel, Elizabeth Arden etc. Virtually all expensive perfumes have Bulgarian rose oil as a base or component.


The market of Bulgarian rose oil, as a specific and expensive product, has not changed much over the years. 70% of rose oil in the world is produced in the Bulgarian Rose Valley. Bulgaria ranks No.1 in this branch of industry. Main consumers of Bulgarian rose oil are France, Japan and the USA.